Do You Know the difference between wireless charging and wired charging? Here they are


Many times you have the phone on the table or on a stand, and you do not charge it for pure laziness. However, if all you have to do is leave the mobile in one place and it starts to charge by itself, it is more likely that you always have it to the maximum of battery and prepared in the event that you have to go somewhere that does not you had planned.

In addition, you can allow yourself to better organize wireless charging better than wired, being much cleaner and tidier.

This is very comfortable for example in the car, since we can earn an extra percentage of battery leaving it on the wireless charging platform, assuming our car has one.

Goodbye to damaged connectors

Wireless charging vs wired connectors of your phones tend to break down over time. After about a thousand inserts we can start having problems with the connectors, and replacing them is not a simple task. However, leaving the mobile on a charging base does not damage the cable or the mobile connector.

wired charging

Unique standard: goodbye to have to go with several cables

Unless you buy a cable that comes with adapters, most of those sold are either USB Type C, micro USB or Lightning. With a wireless charger this problem disappears, since, if the mobile accepts Qi wireless charging, it will work with any charger that uses the standard.

Disadvantages of wireless charging

Loading speed: main problem

One of the biggest drawbacks of wireless charging is that it is slower than cable. For example, a Samsung Galaxy S8 takes a full charge of 0 to 100% just over an hour and a half thanks to the fast charging offered by the cable, while wireless charging takes three hours (double).

wireless charging

In comparison, the iPhone 8 Plus takes 2 and a half hours with cable, and goes up to 4 and a half hours with wireless charging.

In addition, as there is more energy dispersed in the form of heat through wireless charging, energy consumption is higher. This excess temperature can also affect the battery. The difference between wireless charging and wired charging shows the ultimate scenario.

You cannot use the mobile while charging

Another major drawback is that we cannot use the mobile while we have it using wireless charging, unless you use it without lifting it to look at something specific, which is much more uncomfortable than having it in your hand.

Wireless chargers are somewhat more expensive

With less demand and variety, wireless charging systems are somewhat more expensive than cables.

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