Check the ways to get free WiFi at home


Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) is wireless Internet access and most computers today bring Wi-Fi adapters. With this one, you can go online without having to download any program or load any device. With a laptop that has Wi-Fi enabled, you can pick up a wireless Internet connection wherever there is service. You can often get free WiFi at home, depending on your location.

Step 1

Turn on the computer and enable your wireless. Some computers have a wireless button that looks like an antenna or a computer and may say “Wireless connection.” Make sure it is turned on so that the device can receive wireless signals and these are better ways to get free WiFi at home.

Step 2

Click on the “available wireless network View” symbol at the right bottom of the computer. This is sometimes an antenna icon and sometimes it looks like a small computer.

get free WiFi at home

Step 3

Scroll through the list of Wi-Fi networks that is generated. In a densely populated area, such as a building, there are most likely a lot of signs around you. These can include some free for your building or your city or they can be signs of your neighbors. If a signal has more than one service bar and does not have a lock on it, you can click on it and connect to the service.

From FreeWifi to Free_Secure, the premise is simple: to offer free Internet connection to all Free Internet users, wherever they are, on their computers or mobiles.

How it works?

The Freebox subscriber pool is transformed into as many community service access points. That is, any ungrouped user can connect to the Internet through another subscriber’s Freebox. Convenient when traveling away from home, whether for vacation or work. Rest assured right away: Free users using your Freebox as a Free WiFi access point do not pump your bandwidth. The owner of the Freebox remains a priority on the debit. Only the debit that is not used is available to users connected to Free WiFi. There is no risk of your connection slowing down.

Free WiFi, free Internet access for all Freenautes

Let’s start with the question that worries everyone: how much does it cost? In three words: nothing at all. The FreeWiFi service is free for all unbundled users. In other words, you have to subscribe to Freebox – Freebox Revolution, Freebox HD, Freebox Crystal, Freebox Mini 4K. If this is not your case, you are obviously encouraged to join the large family of Freenautes.

Can you navigate safely with FreeWiFi?

There is no need to worry about the FreeWiFi service, since it is completely secure. When a subscriber connects to a FreeWiFi terminal, he must authenticate on a dedicated web interface.

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